Waveglider launched in Nazaré waters


The Municipal Library of Nazaré was the place chosen for the public session of the maritime campaign for data collection to be made by a Waveglider system within the European Turnkey Project, whose Portuguese component is ensured by MARETEC / IST (www.maretec.org), a research center linked to the Technical University of Lisbon whose main activity consist of the numerical modeling of the water cycle in marine and terrestrial environments.

The European project TURNKEY (Transforming underutilized Renewable Natural Resource into Key Energy Yields) is intended to create a thriving industry that will help reduce the causes of climate change and create long-term jobs, while protecting the coastal and marine environment.

The public session was attended by the Mayor of Nazaré, local Maritime Authorities, the European coordinator Turnkey project at European level, the national leaders of MARETEC / IST, in addition to the responsible for the installation and operation.

Besides the presentation of the campaign and the project, this session aimed to inform local communities, in particular, those relating to activities related to the sea sector for the presence of Waveglider for about a month, in the waters located between Nazaré and S. Pedro de Moel.

The Waveglider is a device consisting of two interconnected modules. One of the modules circulates on the surface and the other, the propellant, is submerged a few meters below, and is connected by a cable that ensures the coupling between the two in order to provided propulsion by the wave motion.

It is remotely operated by the owner company from its headquarters in California. Is about two feet long by 60 inches wide and has a structure similar to surfboards and weighs about 200 pounds.

It is equipped with hydrophone, camera, atmospheric sensors, measuring equipment and bustle of current sensor, systems powered by solar panels installed on the upper surface of the structure.

It also has all the systems required for sea vessels signaling, so that the identification of its presence can be made easily.

The navigation plan was previously drawn, covering the area of the Nazaré Canyon, coastal areas between Nazaré and S. Pedro de Moel and a specific survey in Zone Portuguese Pilot.

One of the major goals of this campaign is to collect information that can be compared with that obtained through the buoys of the Hydrographic Institute and the satellite "Altika", in order to validate the mathematical models of weather and marine forecast that MARETEC develops. Please note that this forecasts are already available and can be accessed from the home page of the ENONDAS website, www.oceanplug.pt .

One of the main concerns of the campaign lies in device security aspects. To this goal, the Nazaré Port Captaincy will issue weekly warnings about the Waveglider location so that vessels engaged in fishing can avoid it in order to cause no harm.

Were also posted warnings on the marinas of the area, in order to strengthen the reminder of recreational craft to adopt the same kind of preventive measures.

The Waveglider sea launch took place on March 28 at the Port of Nazaré.