Waveglider presents the results of maritime campaign


The Municipal Auditorium Peniche received on the 29th may the presentation session of the results of maritime campaign conducted by Waveglider, whose launch took place about two months.

In this public session were present the representative of the Mayor of Peniche, the national leaders of MARETEC / IST (www.maretec.org), Profs. Ramiro Neves and Francisco Campuzano, and the representative of Liquid Robotics, the company that owns the Waveglider technology, responsible for installation and operation.

As previously drawn in the navigation plan, the Waveglider has traversed the coastal area of Nazaré, Peniche and São Pedro de Moel, in areas with potential for the implementation of marine renewable energy projects, particularly in the Portuguese Pilot Zone and has collected data on sea waves, currents, weather conditions and the presence of birds.

This action is part of the European Project Turnkey whose Portuguese component is ensured by MARETEC/IST. This project aims to contribute to creating a thriving industry that will help reduce the causes of climate change and create long-term jobs, while protecting the coastal and marine environment. It is noted that the Waveglider is a device whose propulsion is provided by the wave motion without introducing thus any disturbance of the aquatic environment where it circulates, ensuring excellent reliability of the collected data. One of the major goals of this campaign is to collect information that can be compared with that obtained through the buoys of the Hydrographic Institute and the satellite "Altika", in order to validate the mathematical models of weather and marine forecast that MARETEC develops. Please note that this forecasts are already available and can be accessed from the home page of the ENONDAS website, www.oceanplug.pt .

The collected data will now be subject to analysis and processing, and will be made public in the last quarter of 2015.

The Waveglider mission in the waters of Nazaré and Peniche was extended in order to align its period of operation with the Blue Week Lisbon 2015 (http://www.blueweek.pt/en/) , a reference event of the marine sector which takes place from 4 to 6 June.