MoU with MARETEC/IST and new information on ENONDAS website


In order to promote the wave energy sector and according with the Concession Contract of the Portuguese Pilot Zone, ENONDAS develops contacts with several entities of the sector, particularly with the academic area.

Following these contacts, ENONDAS established a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the MARETEC/IST, a multidisciplinary research center of the Instituto Superior Técnico - Lisbon University ( whose main activity is the numerical modeling of the water cycle in marine and terrestrial environments. Since 2009, MARETEC/IST has invested in the development of operational modeling to provide weather, hydrodynamic and agitation forecasts within marine environment, which can be found at .

In addition, MARETEC/IST has devoted special attention to the Portuguese Pilot Zone, having developed a specific model for this area. Once is well known the interest that this kind of information has to promoters who are developing prototypes for production of electrical energy from the waves, the MoU established with MARETEC/IST also includes the sharing of this specific information.

In this context, the forecast information of sea waves provided by MARETEC can be found daily on ENONDAS website of (