ENONDAS’ Survey reveals great interest in the Pilot Zone

In collaboration with the WavEC - Offshore Renweables, ENONDAS conducted a survey to national and international promoters of the sector in order to assess their " technological "status as well as their knowledge of the Portuguese Pilot Zone.

The responses revealed a great dynamism of the wave energy sector and a widespread interest in the Pilot Zone taking into account its natural characteristics that combine a good energy resource and weather conditions that minimize operating and maintenance costs. The existence of technical infrastructure to support wave energy projects are another aspect emphasized by promoters as a key factor.
According to the results about 95% of the answers correspond to companies that are in advanced laboratory development, preparing tests under real conditions, at sea, in a period between 1 and 4 years;
As a result and taking into account the creation of national and European support programs (PT2020 and H2020) that favor the renewable energy sector, ENONDAS is considering a set of proposals for action, in order to improve the global knowledge about the Pilot Zone and enhance the implementation of waves energy technologies in Portugal.
ENONDAS, as the concessionaire of the Portuguese Pilot Zone, has the contractual obligation to promote scientific and technological development in the area of electricity generation from wave energy (Clª 12th -. 1e of the Concession Agreement).